About Us

What is PACSmart and do I need it?

PACSmart is designed with PACs/Super PACs FEC Compliance requirements in mind. (Anyone who has to file an F3X form electronically with the FEC regularly). Our Powerful custom software is designed to prepare, refine, problem check, and submit your data to the FEC, all from a simple web interface.

What type of reports can you file?

We can currently generate F3X reports(both new and amendments), F99 filings, and F24 filings (24/48 hour Independent Expenditures). We are also constantly adding more support for new forms/filings, so if you need something we don't have, just ask! If we can help, we will! (Just don't wait until the last minute to ask!)


PACSmart was created in early 2018 to service a select handful of PACs who were in dire need of affordable yet powerful filing software. Since then, the software has grown exponentially in functionality and ease of use. Thus the PACSmart entity was created, which enables us to take this platform and release it to other PACs who have the same needs/requirements.

How can I trust you to do it right?

We've filed a combined total of over 200 reports and amendments of various types for our clients so far. We've learned all the common pitfalls/problem areas, and how to avoid them.